What Trump Could Do

Recently I was asked "what harm can Trump really do?"

I think he could start a war. I think he could work with a Republican Congress to revise the tax code so that social services are bankrupt and the ultra wealthy get more. I think he could gut the EPA so it cannot function. Same with OSHA. Same with the Justice Department’s racism functions.

I think he could work to sell more military equipment to local police departments. He could press for more charter and other privatized schools. He could work to expand the ‘religious freedom’ charade to abuse gay people more. He could help criminalize abortion. 

He could increase the abuse of Moslems and thereby increase the likelihood that Moslem citizens become enemies. He could encourage more ‘castle doctrine’ laws and increase availability of guns.

he could implement ideology tests for immigration. He could implement drug testing for welfare people. He could encourage the reinstatement of stop and frisk laws.

He could try to put Hillary in jail. He could use the Justice department to harass and jail ‘enemies’ of all sorts. He could work to allow corporations to discriminate against women because “pregnancy is an inconvenience”.

He could increase Russia’s ability to annex more land adjacent to its borders. He could turn the Middle East into a war of total destruction. He could start a trade war with China. 

He could expand the availability of nuclear weapons around the world. 

He could use our military to express his impetuosity and anger.

President Donald Trump could do a lot.