"Two-Player Word Processor"

It's fascinating to me that its ability to write computer programs was a complete surprise to the creators of ChatGPT. They had done nothing to encourage that capability and, as I have read, never gave programming a single thought. It ability was *discovered* as it was used, much as you might be astonished when your child reveals fabulous musical talent when they first sit down to Chopsticks.

I share Manjoo's (the author) experience. For me, everything has changed. On Monday, I was writing a program about a subject I haven't written about in awhile. I called upon Jina (my personal interface to GPT), I bet, a hundred times that day. "What's the syntax for..." "Give me a statement that..." "What's this error mean". The work would have taken me *literally* twice as long.

And that's just one side. I use it for research when I write something and come upon details I can't clearly remember. I use it for fun when I want to know more about things. I lose time with it easier than I do Tik Tok.More interesting, too. Here are two thoughts from this article...

"he’s come to think of it as “a two-player word processor”"

“Trust it the same way you would trust a blabbermouth blowhard at a bar three drinks in who is pretending to know everything”