The Internet Believes that Jonathon Turley is a Sex Abuser


This guy is all butthurt because someone got GPT to say nasty things about him. I have a different reaction: Are you kidding? Are you saying this obviously weird misogynistic right-wing piece of shit didn't abuse women? Whoda thunk?

I note that the tool the guy who published this result was using a tool whose stated function is to figure out what a normal human would say based on having read the entire internet. It is not, contrary to popular assertions, making stuff up.

It is like a super duper spell checker. You type stuff and it figures out the right sentence that goes after it. Just as my spell checker (correctly) replaces the word 'duck' with the word 'fuck' because that's what normal people type, GPT thinks any normal human being would 1) think Turley was an abuser and 2) that the Washington Post would have written the story.

Without ever having heard of GPT, I'd have figured that both of these things are true.