The Good Thing About Facebook

In the modern, mobile age, it's very difficult to know what is going on with certain categories of people, no matter how much affection or history we share. I feel a bond with you, as I do with a number of the children of my friends, that is not fulfilled by the rare occasions when I get news from your dad. To some extent, I was part of your parenting and you were a child of my extended family. I am interested in your life and keeping that bond alive.

In this mobile age, me in Minnesota, you in California, neither in our shared location of Illinois, you would be, practically speaking, lost to me forever. As bad as Facebook can be, it is a miracle for removing physical distance. It provides a fairly easy way to send news to us oldsters who care. (And the few youngsters who haven't entirely moved on to Insta and then Tik Tok, and god knows what next.)
Thanks for returning to Facebook. One of the main reasons I use the program is because it allows me to still know people that would otherwise be gone, and today, especially you.

TQ White II