Real Life Billionaire Does Logan Roy Parody

Partway down this page is a video entitled, "Chuck offers his views on the combined firm". In it, Logan Roy, for some reason masquerading as Chuck Schwab, explains this view of the purchase of the gigantic adversary, GoJo. 

Succession made fun of the 'self-made billionaire' and his entitlement and Chuck Schwab brought it to life. This video's shmaltz, urgent violins, and fake earnest 'of the people' tone are all straight out of Succession. You can easily envision Chuck turning to his Tom saying, "Think that bullshit milkshake is smooth enough?" 

Take a look at it, I swear it is truly funny. I don't actually have any opinion about Chuck or either of the companies but the fact that they made this so so so close to being a parody of RoyCo buying GoJo suggests a lack of awareness of the outside world that is not flattering.