I'm really getting pissed about liberal treatment of Barack Obama

When a battle commander sends soldiers off to neutralize a machine gun nest, there is going to be a cost in lives. He or she does it because dealing with the enemy is so important that the tradeoff is justified and essential.

We are in a fucking battle. Barack Obama and us are confronted with a vicious set of opponents. They have stymied our progress in many brutal, unfair and dishonorable ways. Our President is trying to find a way to get things done. When he tries to pass an obvious and moderate jobs act, he finds that path blocked by a machine gun. When he tries to make an easy-going and conciliatory budget plan, we all get screwed.

Unlike you and me, he's determined not to just flap his gums but to fucking get something done. Sacrifices have to be made. Nobody likes it and, if you think that Barack Obama has an affirmative desire to cut Social Security benefits, you're deeply misguided.

Just as we have been screaming about the need to get additional revenue for years, the other side has been screaming about entitlement cuts. It is very, very difficult, perhaps literally impossible, for him to say anything that can get a reaction. He is fighting a war on our behalf and I am truly pissed about the negative attitude that is being expressed about Barack Obama's administration.

Here's what I think is going on and that, if you were thinking right, you would  say: Barack Obama is trapped in a battle with negative forces. Those people have cornered us on the battlefield. They are forcing Barack Obama to talk about changing Social Security. We have to fight those bastards so our guy doesn't have to sacrifice this point. They suck.

Because, that's closer to correct. Barack Obama is a good guy. Sure, he's more calculating now than before. Sure, he's been beaten down by years of partisan conflict but, there is nothing I can see in his face when he is interacting with that kid who was 'Kid President' on Monday. This guy hasn't changed his values any more than Eisenhower wanted more dead soldiers in World War II ...

(and before you start accusing me of being extreme, I stand by the judgement that we are engaged in a battle for our future of equal proportions to that of WWI and yes, I know the difference between 'total world war' and what is happening here; today is very, very destructive and much longer)


NOT, "Barack is so bad. The best way to make him do better for us is to hassle him bitterly over everything he does that doesn't suit us. Let's undermine him."

I really think it is time for us to fall in line. Make the argument against the policy but undertand two things, Barack Obama has fundamental values that are largely consistent with our most liberal ideals. The bad compromises that he is making are a consequence of having to do business with very bad people, the Republicans.