Horse Leaves Barn: Your Privacy is Up To You

Dear Everyone,

If you use a public service, social media, online store, news website, OR ANYTHING ELSE, you are going to be tracked and, if you ever become interesting, can have your privacy violated.


Do not mention your crimes or your secrets online. If the authorities decide you need suppressing, these things WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU. If your job or personal life require physical anonymity, ALWAYS USE A VPN.

Emphatically: You are no safer in any way if you choose to avoid Tik Tok. It is possible for an Amazon employee to go rogue. Same with NY Times. Same with Reddit. Same with EVERYTHING.

It would have been nice if our culture and government had stood up for our privacy at the start of the internet era. But, just as gun control is no longer relevant due to the insane ubiquity of guns, the privacy horse has left the barn.

Mostly, it doesn't matter (as long as you avoid mentioning your crimes and secrets). Nobody cares what you do or who you are and it's not like every rando out there has access to Tik Tok's database. But, if you have a reason to need privacy, it's up to you, not Tik Tok or anyone else to preserve it.