"Facebook is people!!"

Interestingly, having written a note this morning about my disregard of the listed dangers of AI, today brings me news of a danger that has never been mentioned and I never thought about, emotional connections owned by a corporation.


One of the things I am working on with my project, Jina, is to make it so that it has built in prompts and such to allow it to act as a companion to isolated, lonely old people. The virtues or practicality of that idea notwithstanding, suppose it worked. Then, suppose that OpenAI changes its corporate policy and doesn't want to do business with low volume entities like me.

If you read the article linked here, you will (after being amazed at the gullibility and neediness of humans) see real tragedy. Lonely people who, again despite your likely incredulity that it's possible, have built a meaningful part of their emotional life around a thing made my a corporation, a thing that that corporation just took away. Some of the comments referenced are truly heartbreaking.

If you have any doubt, consider if Facebook kicked you out of here. I know. Lots of you think it wouldn't matter. "Imagine all the time I'd stop wasting." Also, you're full of it. You might not miss my bon mots, but you would miss the pix your kids post and knowing what your friend in AZ is doing. Being able to get a little feedback in the form of likes about your garden work.