Duh!!! A Moment Where Barbie Makes Me Realize How Stuck I Am In My Male Perspective

So, I admit to being a dope. It's inescapable from the lack of insight I live with. But, this is a new low for me. 

In actual fact, my immediate reaction to the Ken Journey in Barbie was that I didn't like it. Without putting too fine a point on it, I thought he was treated unfairly. I actually wrote an essay about it where I convinced myself I was wrong.

BUT I DIDN'T NOTICE THIS. I didn't notice that Ken was a parody of the disrespectful female characterizations throughout history. Given that insight, the movie is instantly richer for me.

Did I say I am a dope? This is literally the most embarrassing realization I've had this year.

Titled, "The men ranting angrily about Barbie have got it all wrong", you can read the whole article HERE