Contretemps on Trump

So, yesterdays criticism of Hillary is that she supposedly has said the word "fuck", including in the context of "fuck you". Obviously, if this were a problem, no one on Earth would be qualified for the Presidency but, the Trumpsters are desperate. As you might imagine, my comment on the matter included reference to Donny Sniff and Snort's bragging that he had grabbed women by the pussy. To me, this seems a more important obscenity than the use of "fuck" in conversation.

Fortunately, one of their dim bulbs raised his hand to participate in the conversation. It was a master class in stupid, so I thought I would record the conversation for posterity. You can judge my evaluation by looking at his Facebook (HERE). It tells us that the Constitution is at risk if Hillary gets elected so you won't be disappointed.

Following is the conversation. You will note that he never actually disputes things I say in reply. (I hope you will note that each of my replies is entirely guided by his assertions.) It ends, as usual, with the guy just ignoring the whole conversation.

Greg Grimes I think TQ might want to see a plumber...he has a bit of a case of public, we'll send foulmouthed Trump packing and get stuck with foulmouthed HRC...a pathological liar, egotist, elitist and panderer to the stars and Wall Street... I can only imagine what the Founding Fathers are saying about the sad state of the Union today...

TQ White II What is wrong with you people? Liar, egotist, elitist and panderer? Do you know the meaning of the word, Projection?

Your DJT is caught in lies every day. I mean, he said "there was no sex tape" when he had said there was days earlier. What is that other than a direct lie?

DJT doesn't talk about anything other than himself. He actually claims to have a big ego. He puts his name on *everything*. Why is it bad for Hillary but good for him?

Elitist? The guy has gold plated bathroom fixtures, three trophy wives, lives on the top floor of a fabulous Manhattan building. What on earth could be more elite than that?

And, pandering? Can you really imagine that his sudden affection for evangelical religion is anything other than the most extreme example of pandering ever?

But what's most hilarious is talking about Hillary being foul mouthed when we are still in disbelief about DJT talking to Billy Bush. Of course, it's ok for a man to have a foul mouth. Not a woman.

I guess that tells us why you really hate Hillary so much because it sure isn't the things you say that DJT does in spades.

Greg Grimes No TQ, it's not the foul language...that is almost a given in today's course culture...I don't even know if I'll vote for him... I cannot in good conscience vote for a woman who, at every turn and with every legal manuever possible, has thwarted our legal system...lied when our citizens died...basically sold her office to the highest bidder for access...left a line of bodies, figuatively and literally back over decades to Arkansas...accomplished little more in her tenure as Sec. of State than help to destabilize an already shaky area...We have lived with the Clintons in some form or fashion since the 70s...wherever they go corruption follows...Is Trump perfect? No, absolutely not, but he has struck a chord that government is broken and people are angry like they haven't been in decades...the public servants that we elect and pay now have become our masters...that the bureaucratic world of DC never sees justice when injustice is done...lives are crushed by over taxation and regulation while our money, your money and mine, is squandrered and when the culprits are caught they are given a pension and sent on their merry way...and HRC is the embodiment of that culture of corruption...and when she attains what she has coveted for so long, the White House, she will consolidate even more power in the executive office and throw the balance of power, set forth in the Constitution, more out of whack...Hate Trump if you must but understand it was politicians excactly like Hillary that created him and though he will likely not win the WH the anger he represents will not go away

TQ White II Greg, I can't imagine that you can be this deluded.

1) You say "thwarted". This overlooks the fact that a) she has been investigated and never charged. And, b) it says that the people that investigated are all stupid or corrupt. And, c) that your Fox News infused prejudice trumps the presumption of innocence.

2) Your understanding of foreign policy is revealed to be, well, I'll hope for ignorant, not stupid, when you characterize her tenure that way. Nobody who actually knows anything agrees. Read Foreign Policy magazine. (eg, HERE) I know. MSM. I'm probably wrong to hope you're not an idiot.

3) Line of bodies, corruption everywhere. That you say this only tells me that you don't actually know things. None of it is true. Everyone has looked deeply into the consequences of the Clinton Foundation and found, surprise, an excellent charitable organization that had no undue influence during her tenure. I know. Only 10%. If you believe that you're more like a mendacious idiot than a regular one.

4) Your overview of the Trump v Hillary throwing out the balance of power. The idea that she created the Trump phenomenon. Even the idea that they have become our masters. All just tell me that you are living in the middle of a cartoon. There is literally no actual, fact-based evidence to support it.

It was George Bush that put in place the PATRIOT act. It was George Bush that created Guantanamo Bay. It was during George Bush's administration that they passed the law encouraging widespread use of civil forfeiture. I cannot think of *any* actions take by Obama or Bill Clinton that have reduced your freedom in any way.

Except, of course, for Dodd Frank, which I'm sure you consider tyranny and to which I point as the final evidence that you are deluded. Dodd Frank reduces the freedom of corporations to fuck you over.

But, of course, that has no meaning to you because you can't actually think about anything but your tremulous joy at having a Big Man sympathize with your tremulous fear. Ooooh Moslems make me want to cry. Oh those big bad media guys.

Bottom line, the big difference between you and me is that I read lots and lots of stuff and I know things. You listen to right-wing radio and think that there is no real difference between the seething angry child who stalked around the debate stage, furious that suddenly people don't care that he's rich and that his bad acts aren't ignored because he's The Donald, and the serious, brilliant politician who has spent her entire life working to help people.

I mean, at twenty years old, she went to the heart of the South alone to work on discrimination. Known by every person whose ever worked for her to be the smartest most sensible person they know. And you talk about a trail of bodies and compare her to a guy who literally doesn't know anything about governing.

Beyond belief. The only thing that gives me hope for this country is that he is going to lose by a Yuge margin.

Greg Grimes Hmmm, no...just cannot abide a career criminal in the WH...maybe I'll vote Johnson...America, I fear, will end, as we know it, if HRC gets the nod