Article of Impeachment Must be Passed by House Democrats

I have changed my mind. I believe that the D's have a duty to impeach. A committee should have a hearing where they stipulate the Mueller report and pass articles of impeachment on Obstruction of Justice. One day. In and out. Another day for a party line vote. Back to business.

If they don't, we have established the idea that clear obstruction in the White House is acceptable. As a precedent, this would be awful and would encourage a future of criminal behavior.

I emphatically do not think that the D's should engage a new investigation. I do not think they should have days of hearings. I do not think this should be allowed to dominate their work as legislators. Mueller has done the work.

There should be one day of committee where they stipulate their agreement with the facts Mueller uncovered. One day of debate where the R's can rant in opposition. A party line vote and done. Then a return to doing work, passing bills that would benefit the people.

We send soldiers to their deaths to fight for freedom. The House D's need to do their duty to protect our future. The evidence in the Mueller report is so compelling that ignoring it would be dereliction.

Trump must be impeached. Decent people cannot tolerate this behavior in the halls of power. The D's are largely decent people. The R's, not so much. The decent people need to do their duty.