Alena Kate Petit ur Trad Wife

I ran into this article on my daily tour of Wonkette, one of my favorite link aggregating blogs. It was, as is its wont, characterized cynically. The main character, who is arguably the first woman to have a social media presence as an anachronistic, stay at home mother, ie, trad wife, was said to have "the sads" about the cultural consequences of the people who followed her lead.

Alena Kate Pettit, trad wife in the New Yorker, sounds nice. She had a rough childhood that formed her. That resulted in the desire for a nice family and a relationship with a man who would reciprocate her commitment by taking care of her and her kids.

Unless the interviewer is being specifically manipulative (and it's the New Yorker where I'd expect the opposite if anything), Alena is not a conservative monster. She takes her religion like I take mine, lots of songs and bake sales (my inference). Without seeing her online history, I can't prove it but she sure doesn't sound like she's pounding any kind of conservative drumbeat.

In this article, a skeptical tv interviewer is surprised by Alena's assertion that she would have to talk to her husband about buying a couch. I thought, "WTF? Who would buy furniture without talking to their spouse?"

I've often disdained the notion of 'head of household' and the supposed submission that entails. In my life, I often joke that I have turned "Happy wife. Happy life." into a religion. I don't go with submission but, if she has a preference, that's what I do in just about everything.

Reading about Alena, since the article left me feeling friendly toward her, I realized that her acceptance of her husband as the head of the household does not sound so much different, practically speaking, to my concern for my wife's happiness.

You can safely read the article about Alena. If the article is fair, she is a person who found a way of life that she liked, not a politico determined to push women into the past. As I say, she sounds nice.