My Line in the Sand

It is correct that she be kicked out of the pool job because she behaved poorly there. It is*appalling* to me that people, liberal people are calling for her to be fired from her day job because of this. 

People should not lose their ability to support their families because of unrelated acts unless they are truly horrific. Being a bigot or being an asshole at a swimming pool does not even approach that level.

The right has pressed for intolerance and worked to turn political discourse into personal destruction. I condemn it as a crime against society. If we encourage destruction of families over reprobate ideas, we are no better.

If liberals encourage escalating disagreement to actively preventing people from earning a living, I am out. I think it is a terrible, terrible thing. I feel this issue as strongly as I do anything.

You are welcome to hate her for her views. You are not welcome to try to ruin her life. I will fight you to protect this bigoted bitch as fiercely as I would myself.