Kristen Gillenbrand - A better bet than Hillary?

I am a huge Kristen fan. I don’t think she is a better Hillary, just younger. She has some policies that I prefer and has had a shorter career to accumulate distasteful compromises. If she ever wants to be President, I will support her enthusiastically. But this time, it's Hillary all the way.

The main reason that I support Hillary so emphatically is that, more than any other candidate in my lifetime, she has prepared for the campaign and the job. Everyone else, douche bag Republican or charming Democrat, came to the initiation of their Presidential primary campaign on a whim. Sure, many knew they were going to do it and had a handful of supporters but their preparation for the campaign began when they announced an exploratory committee. And sure, many had jobs that gave them a variety of public service experiences.

But nobody has done what Hillary has done. You don’t recall her ‘forming an exploration committee’ because she has been preparing for this since she left the senate. She already has a national organization and a ton of money. She already has a well-formed policy apparatus. She’s not getting ready to run. She is already running a fully competent campaign while everyone else has their dick in their hands.

And, there is nobody who has her experience. They will complain about the “Clinton dynasty’ but she has lived in the White House. She has had national policy failures and successes. She has done foreign policy as part of the Presidential contingent and as Secretary of State. She was an active First Lady, running a large staff and acting on policy initiatives, working with the legislature as part of the Executive Branch. She was a well-respected, remarkably effective Senator from a large state. She learned the details of legislation and how to work across the aisle. She has experience working with state government to accomplish stuff.

It’s incredible. She has the potential to be the best president ever. She is certainly the best qualified. She is a once in a lifetime gift for Democrats.

I love Bernie and I am a Kristen fan. I also love Mila Kunis but, she isn’t as good for me as my wife. Sometimes one has to leave romance aside and make a strong, healthy choice. Hillary is the one for 2016.