Comparative Attraction

To some, the fact that women by substantial margins, choose lesbian and gay porn (according to stats from Pornhub, a large porn website) is surprising or entirely explained by the anti-feminist content of most straight porn.

Years ago (and I wish beyond all measure that I could find the it), I read an NY Times article that talked about a functional MRI study they did of people watching porn. Showing gay and straight porn to gay and straight women they found...

Gay mens brains lit up when they saw gay porn but not straight porn

Straight mens brains lit up when they saw straight porn by not gay porn

Women brains lit up no matter what kind they were shown

The responses were, of course, nowhere near as clearcut as that but, the study concluded that the female response to porn definitely worked along a spectrum while the male response was fairly binary.

I don’t know any more if the article suggested, or I had the idea and have just integrated into the memory, but it seems clear, both from the study and from the responses of women I’ve known, that female sexuality *is* a spectrum thing. That women are, again allowing for all human variation, by and large, neurologically bisexual. For some women the response to other women is so small that they consider themselves hardcore straight and others, well, others are not-only-neurologically bisexual.

This fits with of common experience, too. As power dominated as the ‘girls kissing in bars’ thing is, it is hard to imagine a publicly acceptable coercion that would be sufficient to cause most men to tongue kiss another man. Or, three-way sex and the mythology of elaborate rules about ‘crossing swords’ that is absent from situations where women form the majority. Even the differences in casual physical contact, sleepovers, etc, that are apparent in some adult women would seem to fit.

It makes sense, too, when you consider evolution. When we were mere prehistoric beasts, women were smaller and stuck with the babies (oh, how times have changed ;-)). It is easy to imagine that the females who were repelled by huddling under the mammoth hide with the other females got a lot colder and died sooner. Perhaps ones who didn’t socialize properly during such cold spells were at a survival disadvantage and, considering how horny people are in general, it’s easy to imagine there being a sexual component of that, too.